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Equipment Consulting

Equipment advice for Sport Shooters


For the rifle and shotgun disciplines of shooting sports, there are special considerations when selecting equipment. For rifle disciplines for 10m, 50m, 300m, it is important to select the appropriate rifle depending on factors such as the type of shooting (e.g. standing, kneeling or prone), distance and caliber. The choice of diopter, iris diaphragms, ring front sights and other accessories also plays an important role. The material must fit 100%.


In shotgun discipline, the choice of the type of shotgun is crucial. It makes a big difference if you shoot Trap, Skeet or Sporting. Here it depends on factors such as barrel length, stock size, pitch, high shot, butt plate, etc. For good and consistent results, it is essential to choose a custom stock or an adjustable stock. It is also important to choose the right ammunition, depending on the type of discipline and the conditions. The ammunition must fit the shotgun.

As everywhere, in shooting sports it is important to choose the equipment before buying it, so that it exactly fits your needs, the diszplin and your shooting style. Only then you will have pleasure and also success.


I will help you with all these decisions. We will visit together the specialized retailer, the manufacture or the stock manufacturer depending on the discipline, where I will help you in an advisory way to choose the right equipment and make adjustments if necessary. I have best contacts to the international specialized dealers and well-known manufactures. Use these contacts to your advantage. 




  • Bleiker Precision Engineering (sporting arms)

  • Grünig & Elmiger (sporting guns)

  • Perazzi ( sporting shotguns)

  • Megalink (shooting ranges)

  • Simway (shooting simulators) 

  • Beretta (sporting shotguns)

  • Castellani (accessories)

  • Pilla (accessories)

  • Delaro (accessories)

  • Clever (ammunition)

  • Bornaghi (ammunition) 

  • and others

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