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Terms and Conditions:

Learn more about our business practices, responsibilities and legal framework.

Responsible body is:


Shooting Sports Consulting

c/o Moos & Partner GmbH

Max Moos

Mühleweg 29

8222 Beringen

Telefon: 0794207040




1.1 Purpose and Scope

The following general terms and conditions (hereinafter «GTC») serve as the legal basis for the duration of the contractual relationship between Shooting Sports Consulting and the customer. The terms and conditions apply to the entire business area of Shooting Sports Consulting.

Shooting Sports Consulting reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and to update the current version on to publish. The new version of the General Terms and Conditions comes into force when it is published on the Shooting Sports Consulting website.

1.2 General

The main concern of Shooting Sports Consulting is customer satisfaction. Therefore, these terms and conditions are the basis of a fair contractual relationship between Shooting Sports Consulting and their customers.

1.3 Commencement of Contract

The contractual relationship comes about with the acceptance of the order. The contract is concluded by signing a separate contract or by accepting the offer in writing.

By signing the contract, the customer accepts these terms and conditions unchanged and in full.

Shooting Sports Consulting reserves the right to refuse an order without giving reasons or to cancel an order that has already been started if the customer behaves or acts illegally.

1.4 Scope and execution of the contract

The order placed is decisive with regard to the content, scope and execution of the services to be provided. The order must always be agreed separately and in writing. The subject of the contract are the activities agreed in the individual case and to be carried out by Shooting Sports Consulting and not the guarantee for the occurrence of certain economic or other consequences. For this reason, Shooting Sports Consulting, regardless of the provision of certain work results, cannot make any statements in the form of expectations, forecasts or recommendations in the sense of a guarantee with regard to the occurrence of corresponding circumstances. Deadlines are considered general targets unless they are expressly agreed as binding assurances. 

1.5 Constituents

In addition to the terms and conditions, the data protection declaration is also an integral part of the contract.

1.6 Deviations

Deviations from these GTC are only valid on the basis of a document confirmed by both parties and have no influence on the applicability of the remaining provisions.


2.1 Prices

The fee is agreed individually for each order.

2.2 Objections to the Invoice

The customer can raise objections to the invoice in writing and with reasons within 10 days of the invoice being issued. If he fails to do so, the invoice is deemed to have been approved.

2.3 Billing

The customer can choose between digital or postal invoicing. Digital invoicing is free of charge. The customer can switch between digital and postal invoicing at any time.

2.4 Late Payments

If the customer does not pay on time, he is in default without a reminder. The offsetting of claims by the customer is excluded. If the customer has neither paid the invoice by the due date nor raised written and justified objections to it, Shooting Sports Consulting can interrupt the provision of all services without further notice and/or dissolve the contract without notice and without compensation. 

A reminder fee of CHF 20.00 is owed for each reminder to cover the administrative expenses required in each case. Shooting Sports Consulting reserves the right to hand over the item to a third party for the purpose of collection.


3.1 Cooperation

The customer undertakes to help and to comply with the specified deadlines, so that Shooting Sports Consulting can optimally provide the desired services. Shooting Sports Consulting may assume that the documents and information provided as well as the instructions given are correct and complete. Shooting Sports Consulting is only responsible for checking the correctness and regularity of documents, information and numbers of the customer if this has been agreed in writing in advance

3.2 Third Party Rights

All property rights such as intellectual property rights and license rights to the documents, products or other work results prepared by Shooting Sports Consulting as part of the execution of the contractual relationship, as well as the know-how developed or used in the process, are exclusively entitled to Shooting Sports Consulting, regardless of any cooperation between Shooting Sports Consulting and the customer.

Shooting Sports Consulting grants the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the documents, products and other work results provided to him, including the associated know-how, for his exclusive personal use in perpetuity. The transfer of documents, products and other work results or parts thereof as well as individual technical statements to third parties by the customer is only permitted with the express written consent of Shooting Sports Consulting. The customer refrains from changing the documents provided to him by Shooting Sports Consulting. The same applies to products and other work results, unless their purpose is further processing by the customer.

3.3 Delivery

Deliveries from Shooting Sports Consulting are deemed to have been made when they have been sent to the last address given by the client or have been kept at his disposal in accordance with his instructions.

3.6 Liability

Shooting Sports Consulting is only liable to the client for unlawful intent and gross negligence. The existence of unlawful intent or gross negligence must be proven by the customer who wishes to derive a claim from this. The limitation of liability also applies to all persons to whom Shooting Sports Consulting has authorized the conducting of business.

In the case of substitution, the liability of Shooting Sports Consulting is limited to the appropriate selection, instruction and monitoring of the third party.

The e-mail traffic from and with Shooting Sports Consulting takes place via public, not specially protected data transmission networks. Shooting Sports Consulting disclaims any liability for damage incurred by the client as a result of transmission errors, technical defects, disruptions or interventions in the network operator's facility.

In the event of force majeure, the party that is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations as a result is in no way liable for damages to the other party. Shooting Sports Consulting is released from its contractual obligations as long as and to the extent that the force majeure persists. If the force majeure ceases to exist, the contractual rights and obligations will come into force again, unless the force majeure lasts for more than one year. In this case, the party not affected by the force majeure is entitled, but not obliged, to revoke or terminate the contract with written notice


Swiss law is exclusively applicable to this contractual relationship.

The place of performance for the mutual obligations and the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all types of proceedings is Schaffhausen, Switzerland, unless there is a statutory place of jurisdiction. However, Shooting Sports Consulting also has the right to prosecute the client at the competent court of his place of residence / registered office or at any other factually and locally competent court.

5 Validity

Should one of the present clauses be declared invalid, the other provisions of the general terms and conditions will remain unaffected. The invalid provisions are to be replaced by legal provisions that are as economically equivalent as possible.

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